Apple Harvest Road Race tip: How to set a pace for a 5K

So, you’ve dreamed about running in the Apple Harvest Road Race for years, but you don’t know where to start? You’ve followed your neighbor’s results in the Southington Observer, and you’ve always wanted to make the list?

Well, if this is the year that you want to finally cross it off your bucket list, now is the time to start getting ready.

In this series, Southington YMCA personal trainer Alyssa Lombardi will provide tips for first timers committed to completing the 40th Annual Apple Harvest Road Race.Each week, we will ask Lombardi a different question about getting ready for the big day on Oct. 6.

Alyssa Lombardi,

OBSERVER: How should I pace myself for a 5k road race?

ALYSSA LOMBARDI: When thinking about running a race, I think pacing is one of the most important things. It’s very easy to get really excited race day and start off too fast. The gun goes off and the excitement of everyone cheering makes your adrenaline sky rocket and you take off to fast.

To help you avoid from going out too fast, think about an obtainable goal pace. Your first mile should be no more than six percent faster than that goal pace. This six percent will help you get out fast but also keep some energy for the rest of the race. Going out more than six percent faster will negatively affect your overall time. Three to six percent is a good range to keep in mind. That will give you a zone to try and shoot for.

For a more detailed and a personalized program contact the Southington YMCA’s Certified person trainer and running coach Alyssa Lombardi at

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