Police caution about illegal turns on Queen Street


The Southington Police Department has received complaints from members of the public regarding vehicles making left turns from Queen Street into parking lots and out of parking lots onto Queen Street in areas and driveways where left turns are prohibited.

These areas of Queen Street and the driveways have signs posted prohibiting left turns and engineering designs to assist vehicle in making right turns. These signs are in places in which left turns are prohibited for the safety of the motoring public. We are asking the public to watch for these signs and obey the restrictions on left turns that are in place for your safety and the safety of others traveling in the area.

Some of the areas and driveways where left turns are prohibited include: Southington Auto Wash 264 Queen St., Water Works Car Wash at 312 Queen St., the plaza located at 360 Queen St. (Jenny K Cleaners, UPS Store, Tommy’s Tanning), the plaza located at 365 Queen St. (Panera Bread, Sprint, Quest Diagnostics), McDonald’s at 675 Queen St., and Chick Fil-A at 801 Queen St.

The above list is not to be considered all inclusive, but an example of the areas in which left turns into and/or out of these properties is prohibited.


SPD is sending this information out to the public with the intent to provide education about traffic safety. The department will also be following up with an enforcement campaign.