Race4Chase kicks off with 26 days of running

Southington YMCA CEO Mark Pooler, above, pays his respects at a Camp Sloper memorial for Sandy Hook victim Chase Kowalski. Pooler is kicking off the annual Race4Chase youth triathlon program with a 26-day fundraiser for the program.

The Southington Community YMCA announced its annual “26 days of running” challenge to support the Race4Chase youth triathlon program.

SCCYMCA CEO Mark Pooler has assembled more than 26 community volunteers to run 2.6 miles each day for 26 days in a row in memory of Chase Kowalski and the other students and teachers who lost their lives in Sandy Hook on Dec. 14, 2012.

“Chase’s family has chosen to measure their life in love and have pledged to keep his memory alive through a youth triathlon program called Race4Chase” said Pooler in a press release. “The Race4Chase program helps keep Chase’s memory alive and allow 30 children to train, increase their self-confidence, exercise, build friendships and compete just as Chase would have wanted.”

This free program allows 30 young athletes to train for six weeks and compete in a real triathlon on Aug. 6. The program is held at over 26 different sites across Connecticut, Rhode Island and other states. Chase competed in his first triathlon in the fall of 2012 and now his memory lives on in the young athletes he inspires each summer.

The overall goal is to raise $15,000, with roughly $6,000 of that goal already in to date. Each runner in the 26 day challenge has been asked to gain monetary donations with an overall goal of $350 per person to help make up the remaining $9,000. An official run of 2.6 miles will happen each day at YMCA Camp Sloper from June 1-26 at 6:30 a.m. on Monday through Friday and 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I’m excited to start this journey and to be joined by friends, co-workers, and fellow community members along the way” said Pooler in the release.


Pooler will begin running for 26 days in a row starting June 1. Each day after June 1, another runner will join Pooler and run consecutive days until June 26.

Among those joining him are YMCA board members and staff, teachers and faculty, business owners, YMCA members and community leaders: Alisa Delmonte, Jackie Laramee, Lisa Kelly, Tara Pucci, Dawn Pooler, Tim Connellan, Jay Jaronko, Kristin Lopa, Katie Muir, Naomi Cipriano, Amanda Michaud, Bill Palmieri, Kelly Leppard, AJ and Rose Garstang, Paul Bedard, Jim Earl, Linda Maxwell, Christina and Kevin Simms, Dan Massucci, Carla Karle, Tresa Barczewski, Sharon Rousseau, Liz Musshorn, Emily Denorfia, Chris Esposito and Cristin Buckley.

Race4Chase is offered to kids ages 6-12 to have a chance to try out the sport of triathlon in a fun, safe, and friendly environment surrounded by the support of their local community.

Visit www.secure.givelively.org/donate/the-southington-cheshire-community-ymcas-inc/2019-race4chase-kid-s-triathlon  for more information.

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