Man arrested for making 911 calls from police cruiser

Jesse Barner-Walton

Jesse Barner-Walton, 39, of Webster, Mass. was arrested by Southington police after he made a series of 911 calls from the back seat of a police cruiser on Sunday, May 5.

Police were in the process of providing Barner-Walton with a ride after answering a call for assistance with an intoxicated person (Barner-Walton) when he refused to leave the Cadillac Ranch. Police were giving the intoxicated man a ride when he made several 911 calls for assistance from the rear seat of the cruiser.

Officers pulled over to prevent him from making further phone calls to 911 when it wasn’t an emergency, and Barner-Walton became uncooperative. As officers were attempting to place him in handcuffs, he physically resisted. Police were finally able to secure the handcuffs after a short struggle. There were no injuries to Barner-Walton or officers.

Barner-Walton was charged with misuse of the 911 system and interfering with an officer. He was scheduled to appear in Bristol Court today.

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