Caution: Shark sighting at Mount Southington

Above, Mount Southington Ski Area volunteers hurtle down the mountain in the Ranger Shark.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, skiers at Mount Southington got a scare with a rare shark sighting at the local ski area. The annual cardboard box race drew a crowd of curious onlookers as competitors raced down the slopes in creatively designed cardboard sleds. There were Jurassic Park Jeeps, submarines with periscopes, and more. Team Vineyard Vine won the coveted prize for the fastest single run.

Photos by Janelle Morelli

Brothers Nathan (black hat) and Evan built Jurassic Park jeep in over a week

Brothers Tuckerman and Huntington created a submarine box, complete with a window and a periscope.

Team Vineyard Vine races down the hill on a pink whale.

Team Vineyard Vine scored the fastest single run. From left Connor, Adrianna, Nolan, and Lilly.

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