Clerk certifies 2018 election results: Local races determined

Rainy weather didn’t keep locals from casting votes on Tuesday. Above, Republican and Democrat campaigners greet voters at DePaolo Middle School. (Photo by John Goralski)

The Southington Town Clerk has certified the results of Tuesday’s elections. Voter turnout was high state-wide, and Southington followed that trend. Of the 29,018 eligible voters in town, 20,633 ballots were cast. Statewide voter turnout was 67 percent, and Southington turned out 71.1 percent of its electorate. That compares favorably to Southington turnout during the 2016 presidential election (84.52%) and beat the previous gubernatorial election turnout (63.7%) in 2014.


All four referendums passed, including the two town referendums. State wide questions to establish a transportation “lock box” passed easily at the state and town levels.

Southington voters elected to appropriate $2 million for the purchase of open space parcels (11,920 to 7,262) and $2.6 million to replace portions of the high school roof (14,327 to 4,879).

Governor-Lt. Governor

Southington residents voted overwhelmingly for the Republican gubernatorial ticket, which featured Southington’s Joe Markley as the candidate for lieutenant governor. Democrats Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz won the state race, but Bob Stefanowski-Markley won in Southington almost 2:1 (12,036 to 7,431).

U.S. Senate

Chris Murphy (56.6%) won the state senate race over Matthew Corey (39.55%), but Corey beat Murphy locally, 10,342 to 9,724. 

U.S. House of Representatives

John Larson (60.37%) beat Jennifer Nye (35.25%) in Connecticut’s first congressional district, but Nye beat Larson locally, 10,035 to 9,770.

CT Senate

Once again, Southington will send a Republican to represent the town in General Assembly’s 36-member Senate. Rob Sampson (54.59%) beat Vickie Orsini Nardello (40.56%) in the state race. He won with locals, 10,836 to 8,784.

CT House of Representatives

Republicans swept the local ballots, but Southington will be represented by two Republicans and two Democrats in the General Assembly’s 151-member House of Representatives.

Republican John Fusco (53.73%) beat Democrat Ryan Rogers (41.22%) in the 81st district. Fusco won, 4,859 to 4,538.

Democrat Joe Aresimowicz (50.2%) beat Republican Mike Gagliardi (49.8%) in the 30th district, but Gagliardi won with locals, 2,437 to 2,180.

Republican Gale Mastrofrancesco (68.2%) beat Democrat David Borzellino (31.2%) in the 80th district. Mastrofrancesco won with locals, 1,898 to 1,099. Petitioning candidate Ben Conroy garnered (0.55%) garnered five Southington votes.

Democrat Liz Linehan (51.6%) beat Republican Diane Pagano (48.4%) in the 103rd district, but Pagano won with locals, 1,032 to 923.

Secretary of the State

Democrat Denise Merrill (54.8%) beat Republican Susan Chapman (43.5%), independent Heather Lynn Sylvestre Gwynn (0.76%), and Green Party candidate S Michael DeRosa (0.91%). Chapman (10,648) won with locals, beating Merrill (9,033), Gwynn (169), and DeRosa (167). Treasurer

Democrat Shawn Wooden (53.9%) beat Republican Thad Gray (44.9%), and Libertarian Jesse Brohinsky (1.1%). Gray (10,864) won with locals, beating Wooden (8,757) and Brohinsky (252).


Democrat Kevin Lembo (53.7%) beat Kurt Miller (44.6%), Libertarian Paul Passarelli (1.0%), and Green Party candidate Edward Heflin (0.7%). Miller (10,584) won with locals, beating Lembo (8,989), Passarelli (235), and Heflin (135).

Attorney General

Democrat William Tong (51.6%) beat Republican Sue Hatfield (47.3%) and Green Party’s Peter Goselin (1.1%). Hatfield (11,463) won wiht locals, beating Tong (7,860) and Goselin (215).

Judge of Probate

Matt Jalowiec ran unopposed. He received 18,004 votes with 20,633 ballots cast.

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