Editorial: 2018 candidates take note

With our local candidates getting their exercise by walking in the parades of assorted festivals in the area, and with the campaign rhetoric heating up, we are reminded that Election Day is coming fast upon us.

Every year, The Observer offers the candidates an opportunity to address the issues—based on questions we have crafted—for the benefit of the readers.

Once again, the Observer will be providing a forum for our local candidates—in this case, our state senate and state representative candidates.

We are asking candidates to answer three questions for election 2018:

The three questions for our state representative and state senate hopefuls are (with variations for incumbents or challengers):

Question 1: What should the General Assembly do over the next two years to help the state’s economy?

Question 2: Other than the economy, what are the top issues the General Assembly must address in the next two years? Why?

Question 3: Southington faced unique challenges from the state during the budget season with $5.1 million in mid-year holdbacks to Southington’s education funding and a $27 million package for municipal grants that left Southington off the list. What did you do to represent Southington during this process? (For challengers, what should have been done?)

Since space is limited, we are going to limit the length of the responses to these questions. Candidates will be allotted a pool of 750 words. This is not 750 words for each question but the total for all three. This means if the candidate writes 500 words for one answer, they will only have 250 words left total to answer the remaining two questions.

The candidates have the option of not answering a question to focus their 750 words on one topic. However, readers will note that the candidate didn’t feel the other questions were a priority.

We have sent these questions to candidates this week. All submissions will be due by Friday, Oct. 12 at noon. There will be no exceptions. Candidates should email their answers, along with a preferred hi-resolution headshot to jgoralski@southingtonobserver.com.

Election-related letters from our readers

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at  JGoralski@SouthingtonObserver.com.  There is a limit of 350 words.

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at JGoralski@ SouthingtonObserver.com. There is a limit of 350 words.

The deadline for any election-related letters is Friday, Oct. 19 at noon to give candidates a chance at rebuttal.

We will strive to be balanced in how we determine who to run and who not to run, which is based on practicality—there is only so much physical space in a newspaper—rather than an attempt to silence any viewpoints.

We will try to publish the letters that do not make the printed version of The Observer on our website, www.SouthingtonObserver.com. However, again, it depends on the volume.

Finally, everything submitted is expected to follow our policies on letters to the editor.

To comment on this story or to contact Southington Observer editor John Goralski, email him at JGoralski@SouthingtonObserver.com.


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