Letter: Reader opposes Linehan’s party line

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To the editor:

In 2016, Liz Linehan said she would be a moderate in Hartford—not a rubber stamp for Gov. Dannell Malloy and the Democrats. Truth be told, Linehan has been that rubber stamp. Her very first vote as state representative dealt with the legislature being able to vote on union contracts. Linehan voted “no.”

In 2017, the Democrats failed to come up with a budget, forcing the legislature to go into special session. This cost Connecticut taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for the additional session days.

Finally, after waiting many months, the Republicans successfully presented their own budget, convincing a few Democrats to cross the aisle to support it. Was Linehan one of these persuadable Democrats? No. She stood with Malloy and the balance of her Democratic colleagues in opposition. Malloy vetoed that budget.

Once again, Linehan joined her Democratic colleagues in opposing a veto override, and the costly special session continued…

In September 2017, the state was still without a budget, but Linehan was off running for lieutenant governor.

Late in October, a budget finally passed. Linehan voted for that budget, which drastically slashed funding for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP), a program relied upon by many poor senior citizens, cut millions in aid to Cheshire, Southington, and Wallingford, but amazingly also gave Hartford a $500 million tax-payer funded bailout.

This year, the legislature voted to reverse the Hartford bailout. The governor vetoed it. Per the usual, Linehan and her Democratic colleagues failed to allow for an override, and the unfair bailout survives.

Linehan has hardly been a moderate in Hartford. In fact, the number of times she voted against her own party can probably be counted on one hand.

The last thing Connecticut needs is to send Linehan back to Hartford in November.

Robert Brucato, Cheshire

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