Southington certifies local primaries

Southington’s registrars of voters certified yesterday’s primary results this morning. On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Southington Republicans and Democrats elected candidates for the next general election on Thursday, Nov. 6. Party voters elected candidates for governor (D, R), lieutenant governor (D, R), state treasurer (D, R), comptroller (R), attorney general (D, R), state senator (D), and U.S. senate (R). 

Southington voters aligned themselves for the most part with the rest of the state’s voters, with the exception of the choice for Republican comptroller and Democratic state senator for the 16th district.

Southington Democrats selected Ned Lamont for governor, Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor, Dagmara Scalise for state senator of the 16th district, Shawn Wooden for treasurer, and William Tong for attorney general.

Democratic voters in the 16th district, which includes the towns of Southington, Cheshire, Wolcott, Waterbury and Prospect, overall selected Scalise’s opponent Vickie Orsini Nardello by a slim margin of 2,836 to 2,798 votes (unofficial results).

Southington Republicans selected Bob Stefanowski for governor, Joe Markley for lieutenant governor, Matthew Corey for United States senator, Thad Gray for treasurer, Mark Greenberg for comptroller and Sue Hatfield for attorney general.

Republicans across the state selected Kurt Miller for comptroller. That was the only result that differed state-wide from Southington’s.

There are 8,082 registered Democrats in Southington. A total of 2,453 Democrats (30 percent) voted in the primaries this year.

There are 7,280 registered Republicans in Southington. A total of 2,649 Republicans (36 percent) voted in the primaries this year.

For a complete breakdown of Southington results, click here: 2018-08-14 Southington Primary Results

For more information, visit Southington’s election department (registrar of voters) page at


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