Letter: Reader supports Scalise in primary

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To the editor:

I am urging all my friends and neighbors who are registered Democrats to vote for Dagmara Scalise for state senator in the Aug. 14 primary for state senator.

Scalise is a well-respected, rising star in Southington and represents an influx of new voices and clear vision at a time when we need it most. She came here from Poland as a child with her single mother, a proud union worker striving to create a better life for her family.

Scalise understands the importance of good jobs, good education, and a healthy business climate.  Imagine a politician with intelligence and common sense that can actually listen who brings that forgotten quality called compromise back to the capital.  She is the candidate who will not be pegged as an “insider” and blamed for past unpopular policies.

Let’s rally behind our future and vote Dagmara Scalise on Aug. 14.

Walter Grover, Marion

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