Police track down driver that escaped pursuit

Southington police finally tracked down a driver that escaped police pursuit. On Thursday, Aug. 2, Richard Paladino, 30, of New Britain, was arrested on an outstanding warrant at the Bristol courthouse. At the time of the arrest, Paladino was being held in a Connecticut correctional facility.

The warrant stemmed from an incident that occurred on June 8, 2018. On that date, police were following a vehicle with a covering over the license plate that made it difficult to read. The vehicle also had a very dark window tint. Paladino was driving the vehicle.

Eventually the officer was able to read the plate and discovered the registered owner had an active arrest warrant. The officer activated the emergency lights and siren in an attempt to conduct a motor vehicle stop, but Paladino accelerated and passed another vehicle in an attempt to avoid arrest. At the time it was rush hour traffic, and the streets had a high volume of traffic.

Further investigation revealed that the accused had a suspended driver’s license.

As a result of the incident, Paladino was charged with engaging police in pursuit, disobeying an officer’s signal, reckless driving, passing in a no-passing zone, operating a motor vehicle under suspension, an illegible registration plate, and window tint without a Department of Motor Vehicles approval sticker.

Paladino was arraigned in Bristol Court on Aug. 2. 

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