Mother and son arrested for cruelty to animals

Kyle Burleigh

Police arrested a Plantsville mother and son, Linda Burleigh, 45, and Kyle Burleigh, 21, after the son tried to turn an abused dog in to Southington Animal Control (SAC) in June 2018.

According to police, Kyle Burleigh brought a dog to the SAC facility claiming that he found the dog in his yard six days earlier. The dog had some difficulty walking, was found to have very long nails on all its paws, and had large skin tags on its underside. Burleigh told officers that he found the dog in that condition but did not recognize it from the area. He further stated that he was not the owner of the dog and gave a statement on the incident.

The dog was taken to a local veterinary for medical evaluation where it was found that the vet had a record of a dog matching the description of this one which was owned by Kyle’s mother, Linda Burleigh, who resides at the same residence. At that time the dog was identified to have the name Knight.

Linda Burleigh

The vet was familiar with Knight from treating him in the past with the last record of treatment being in September 2010. The vet’s examination of Knight found the dog to be dirty with a strong foul odor, hair loss, scaly skin, chronically infected ears, masses hanging form the abdomen, some atrophy in the hind legs, and nails that grew long enough that they had grown into the toe pad.

State Department of Agriculture records showed that Linda Burleigh adopted Knight in August 2010. Once confronted with this information, Kyle Burleigh admitted that he originally gave a false statement in regards to the ownership of Knight. He admitted SAC officers into the home where dried blood was observed on the carpet. He admitted that the blood was the result of Knight’s ingrown nails.

On Thursday, July 12, Kyle Burleigh was charged with cruelty to animals, failure to vaccinate a dog, failure to license a dog, and making a second degree false statement.

Linda Burleigh was charged with cruelty to animals, failure to vaccinate a dog, and failure to license a dog.

They were each released on a $1,500 bond and scheduled to appear in Bristol Court on July 23.

Police indicated that, at this time, Knight is receiving medical attention and his condition is improving.

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