#DateFail = #ComedySuccess



Comedian Kate Quigley’s story of arrested development means laughter for comedy club audiences and podcast aficionados.

Quigley comes to Comix at Mohegan Sun starting next Thursday for four performances.

One of Quigley’s current projects is “#DateFails.” That and her stand-up routine are generously based on her own life, said the comedian in a phone interview.

Quigley was married at 19 and divorced at 30, she explained. This meant that while her peers were spending their 20s learning how to be a grown up and maneuvering through the landmines of dating, Kate was learning to be a wife.

So when Quigley divorced, she said she had to make up for lost time and learn the lessons she missed in her 20s.

Given her experiences as a woman dating in her 30s, Quigley thought there just might be an idea for a podcast there. Quigley thought “#DateFails” was something anyone could relate to.

So, on “#DateFails,” Quigley talks about her own date fails or bad sex stories. And she invites her friends as guests on the podcast and share their tales of courting disasters. Sometimes, along the way, Quigley said she and her guests might even offer up advice– for what it’s worth.

Asked to share one of her most memorable date fails, Quigley said she remembered one guy who she was interested in. He came to one of her shows and she was excited to have him there. Between her sets, he texted her that he was going to stick around for her second set. Quigley said she figured that meant the two of them would hang out together after the show.

But when Quigley came out for her second set, she said she looked for this guy. That’s when she saw him sitting with another woman. She said she realized the only reason he stayed for the second set was he was meeting a date at the show.

Often Kate’s stories about dating in her 30s are exaggerated for the sake of comedy. But sometimes, audience members take her stories as an invitation to lend a helping hand out of her dating rut. And they come up to her after the show to hit on her or reach out via social media for a proposition or two.

One time, in her act, Quigley said she joked about how her left breast is smaller than her right and she referred to it as her “lazy left boob.” Some men in the audience came up after the show and asked to see the breast.

“You get used to it,” said Kate.

On her social media, Kate has a slew of images of herself. Some are typical for a comedian getting her face out in the public. But she also has shots that are atypical—photos of her in bikinis.

Before she was a comic, she said, she worked as a promo model, selling Miller Lite and the like. So she was used to that kind of image on social media. When she started doing comedy, she continued to post the bikini shots—thinking nothing of them.

But at the clubs, Quigley said, “All these male comedians said you can’t post those photos as a comedian.”

“That made me mad.”

“If they say you can’t do it,” said Kate. “I had to do it.”

So, she said, she began wearing a bikini to every stand-up show.

These days, a lot of female comedians are beginning to embrace their sexuality rather than mask it, said Quigley, “which is cool.”

Interestingly enough, Quigley said, on her social media accounts the number of non-bikini images outnumber the swimsuits. “But those are the only ones people remember.”

Although her act reflects her own experiences, Quigley said both men and women are able to relate to her comedy.

Initially, said Katie, “what I try to do on stage is I try to speak for the women. I say what every woman wants to say to a room full of men.”

Often, she said, the men are squirming during this stretch.

Then she turns the jokes around, noting that it isn’t necessarily the man’s fault it’s like this, said Quigley.

When fans come out to Comix, Quigley said they can expect comedy that is personal but still relatable. “It’s not clean,” said Kate. “But it’s not super blue… I talk about sex… but I’m not trying to shock people.”

“It’s fun.”

Kate Quigley performs at Comix at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville from July 19 to 21 with performances at 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets are available at http://www.comixmohegansun.com/event/13341960426d9bb56164cdce5de0dedb

Comedian Kate Quigley is coming to Comix at Mohegan Sun next week.

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