Letters: Reader upset with state of Bradley

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To the editor:

In 2014, after the community united to protest Hartford HeathCare’s plans for Bradley Hospital, our hometown hospital, concessions were made and an agreement was reached.

What really happened was we ended up with a “MASH” unit , an emergency room without an operating room or intensive care unit, a place where patients can be stabilized and sent on to their other facilities. Those facilities are now using the state of the art equipment once housed in and bought by the trust fund that supports Bradley Hospital.

The plan from HHC was predestined to fail. They claim that four beds are all that are occupied at the current time, but have they informed the community that they closed an entire floor of beds? The floor, previously known as North 2, is now the cardiology department. The nurse’s station is the reception area, and doctors see patients in former patient rooms. Of course there are not many beds full, they are not available for use.

Once the community outcry ceased, and we were appeased with a standalone emergency room, suddenly HHC is withdrawing the “MASH” unit. They feel the “war “ is over with the community. They are wrong. We can and will support a community hospital with our large population and hometown commitment.

If this is big business versus small town, they picked the wrong town. We don’t and won’t go to New Britain for our healthcare. We will support it here as it should be.

Mary Peterman, Plantsville

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