Commentary: Health and wellness at the chamber

At the Southington Chamber of Commerce, we are constantly working to improve and create valuable opportunities that mutually benefit both our members and their desired audiences. One of our most dedicated committees is our Health and Wellness Committee who strives for exactly that.

This award-winning committee works hard to provide health and wellness initiatives that chamber members can take advantage of at no additional cost, while spotlighting business members whose focus is on health and wellness.

The committee’s focus is on information-based initiatives that help to offer awareness and education to members, promote chamber member town events that are health and wellness related, and most recently, our committee has initiated the process of designing a health and wellness-based speaker’s bureau available to chamber businesses of all sizes.

The speaker’s bureau is spearheaded by a sub-committee led by co-chairs Isaiah Worley of LiveFit Physical Therapy and Lisa Crofton, director of the Positive Living Center.

The bureau’s main intent is twofold: offering health and wellness related chamber members an opportunity to educate, inform or assist fellow chamber members on matters of corporate health, employee wellness, mindfulness practices, insurance matters and more plus offering chamber businesses the no cost opportunity to provide expert in-services, training or informative programs on location.

Most presenters will be available during lunch hours. Customizable times will be available through each independent speaker.

The committee is in the process of inviting speakers to submit relevant topics and workshop material for review. Internally, the information will be integrated into the chamber’s website as its own section. Interested companies will be able to browse through a number of topics and speakers and select which works best for their employees. Members will be able to reach out directly to a selected speaker and schedule them for a free speaking engagement.

The committee worked hard to develop a format that eliminates sales oriented programs and instead focuses on education, information and inspired interaction. Many of our speakers do offer tangible services or products, but our goal is to provide knowledge, a more clear awareness of the presented topic and actionable steps to integrate the information. It is our hope that we will create new business collaborations, healthier and more informed work environments and employees while expanding member networking.

The intended start date at present time is to be fully operational by the end of summer, as we will continue creating topics and identifying speakers throughout that timeframe. Any health and wellness-related chamber business is welcome to submit a topic and presentation to our sub-committee for review. An official announcement will be made to all chamber members upon launch, and any business within our chamber community can procure a program from our menu of speakers and topics.

A few of the established businesses and topics that are currently participating include Prudence Crandall, Bradley Mountain Farms, Gaylord Physical Therapy, ilovekickboxing, Lotus Moon Studios Positive Living Center, Southington YMCA, Beacon Retiree Group, Hartford Health Care, Dr. Carol Grant, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, LiveFit, and Raya Clinic.

If you are a chamber member with a health and wellness-based business with a topic to offer, please send an email to info@southingtonchamber. com with “Chamber Speakers Bureau” in the subject line.

Taylor Crofton is the executive director of the Southington Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact her at (860) 628-8036 or

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