Spring Fling draws 129 to Camp Sloper

Runners still find time to have some fun during the Spring Fling 600 endurance challenge at YMCA Camp Sloper. (Submitted photo)



The Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA held an exciting event on May 6 at YMCA Camp Sloper: the Spring Fling 600 Trail Race. Participants ran as many loops of the three-mile course around the camp within a 10-hour (600 minutes) time period.

The top three places ran a collective 108.5 miles.

Joseph Laskey earned the title of “top male” after running the greatest distance, coming in at 46.5 miles.

Angela Heidgerd and Alice Carrillo tied for “top female,” with Heidgerd having a better finish time, each running a total of 31 miles.

“It’s amazing to watch this spirited and inspiring group run and support each other throughout the day,” said YMCA executive director John Myers.

The route itself featured “technical climbs” as well as running through water and mud. A total of 129 runners took on the challenge.

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