Golfers are heating up at the right time

Max Chubet chips onto the seventh green at Hawks Landing during a win over Avon.



The Blue Knight golf team shot their three lowest rounds of the season against two of the top nine teams in Division I and the top team in Division II.

They’re just starting to heat up as their five-match home stint comes to a close, and Southington coach Jim DiNello said that the team took advantage of a really good situation of being at their own place, along with some really great weather.

“There was some really good golf being played by both teams in our matches, and to me, that’s what really made it even more rewarding for us,” said DiNello. “Besides just going out, competing, and playing really good golf, the guys had to really perform well against really good golf teams that were also playing well.”

Besides the team’s three lowest rounds of the season, DiNello said that he also admired the competitive spirit that his guys displayed in midst of those three matches. Four Knights went sub 40 in all three matches, including a couple that went under par.

Earlier in the season, DiNello had made a comment that for the team to be competitive and successful in the CCC West Division, the team typically had to go sub 150 to win, or at the very least, sub 155. He said that he really felt his guys took that comment to heart.

“They understand that they have to play not just okay,” said DiNello. “They have to play excellently to win. I challenged them when I said that there was no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that, especially on our home course and with the way the schedule is set up.”

The Knights (6-3-1) will be back on the links this week to wrap up their five-match home streak when they host Plainville on Monday, May 14 as the home team and on Friday, May 15 as the away team. DiNello said that Friday’s match will be played on the back nine of Hawk’s Landing…a side that they don’t play frequently.

Win vs. Conard

MAY 7—Although the Chieftains garnered the low golfer of the match, the Knights garnered the triumph with a collective effort of four golfers in the 30s for the first time this season on Monday. They recorded their lowest score of the season in a 141-147 victory over divisional Conard at home, as it was also the first time they shot in the 140s this season. The Knights defeated the Chieftains, 152-157, last week.

Max Chubet marshaled the Knights with a 2-under-par 33. Cam Zegzdryn (35), Austin Carta (35), and CJ McManus (38) contributed as well.

Conard’s Luke Carroll was medalist of the match with a 32.

Win vs. Avon

MAY 8—After shooting in the 140s for the first time this season on Monday, the Knights shot in the 140s again the next day. They earned their third-straight win with a 147-150 victory over divisional Avon at home. The Knights fell to the Falcons, 152-154, back in April.

Zegzdryn led the Knights as medalist of the match with a 2-under-par 33. Chubet (37), Carta (38), and Shawn McKnerney (39) contributed as well.

Win vs. Hall

MAY 10—With four scores in the 30s, the Knights continued to shoot in the 140s and remained hot to wrap up the week on Thursday with their fourth-straight win. They fired their second-lowest round on the season with a 143-164 rout of divisional Hall at home. The Knights tied the Warriors, 158-158, back in April.

Carta led all golfers as medalist of the match with a 1-under-par 34. McKnerney (35), Chubet (37), and McManus (37) contributed as well.

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