Letter: Spring Lake resident weighs in on the goose issue

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To the editor:

I guess I’m one of those residents at Spring Lake Village that Ed Foy referred to as “not able to rationalize what is the right thing to do” in his letter to the Observer.

Sorry, Ed, but I can’t consider geese a hazard in the community to be placed in the same category as rats, bears, coyotes, etc.

Residents who walk the community use the roads, and if they use the grassy areas, they should pick up their feet—or better yet—should grab a pooper scooper, pick up the poop, and empty it in the garden area. It’s free fertilizer.

I applaud the Spring Lake board for addressing health and safety issues, but I just can’t include geese in these issues. They were here first, and this is their habitat.

Barbara Turello, Spring Lake Village resident

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