Commentary: Chamber’s new year resolutions

One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I have the unique opportunity to visit all these different businesses throughout Southington. I enjoy being pulled into their worlds for short periods of time and getting to explore what it is that each business does, what makes them tick, what business models they are following, what their individual cultures are, and the visionaries behind it all.

No two businesses in town are the same, even if they technically are the same “type” of business. I think it is part of what makes Southington such a desirable place to live in and work in. We live in a community where we don’t have to go very far to obtain something we may be needing, wanting or craving.

It’s something I know I took for granted having always had “it all” within a ten-minute drive of home. It wasn’t until I left town for a short period of time to discover how lucky us Southington Natives really are.

We have this thriving business community here that makes such a strong economic imprint to those of us who live in town or even just outside its boarders. We have one of those special niches where we have so much to offer locally, whether it be boutique shops, home-grown CSA programs, delicious cuisine, physicians, mom and pop or “family owned” companies run with passion and purpose ranging from marketing firms to accountants, to holistic wellness centers to family friendly marital arts studios, to breweries (even several places to pamper your pooch!) and so many more.

And don’t get me started on all the non-profits in this town who attribute to Southington’s abundant volunteer efforts and initiatives to improve our quality of life.

I feel like I have bird’s eye view of it all, the inner workings and the knowledge of the secret ingredients that make Southington so grand. And I think, if I can be so bold to say—now this is not an exact mathematical equation or anything—people in Southington support people and business in Southington. Hidden in that support is respect, pride and truly it boils down to a love for what we do here, and how we do it, and who we do it with.

As the Chamber moves into its next official year of board directors, our 2018-2019 Chairman Matthew O’Keefe will be pushing the theme of doing business with local businesses—specifically Chamber member to Chamber member business. But that theme can extend to any local business, and it should. When we keep supporting local, we continue to profit all together.

The Chamber’s reach goes farther than just business and although we aim to keep our business community healthy and strong, we also realize we have a civic responsibility and attempt to create events that can bring the public together while still supporting Chamber businesses.

On May 10th we will be hosting a 21 and up, “Spring Indoor” block party at Witchdoctor Brewing from 5 to 9 p.m. We will have live music, a few participating restaurants on the block will be serving up small eats, and Witchdoctor Beer will be flowing.

Then on June 22, we are having our annual Southington Day at Lake Compounce. A $25 ticket gets you free parking, admission, and a huge dinner buffet. More information on both events can be found on our website, We hope to see you at one or both events!

Taylor Crofton is the executive director of the Southington Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact her at (860) 628-8036 or

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