Letter: Reader endorses Bristol chorale

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To the editor:

I’ve been a resident of Southington for over 25 years.  Ten years ago, after comparing chorales in Southington and Bristol, I chose to participate in the Bristol Chorale. Bristol has over 120 members who participate in the Winter Concert in December, and approximately 80 members who sing in the Spring Concert annually. Members do not have to audition to join the Bristol Chorale. Members do have to pay $55 to participate in the Winter Concert and $55 to sing the Spring.

The Bristol Chorale also charges $15.00 per ticket to attend each show with 600 seats that usually sell out most performances which are held at St Paul’s High School.

The Bristol Chorale does not receive any funds from the city of Bristol. It takes me 15 minutes to travel from Southington to Bristol and carpool with another Southington resident.

Rather than expecting to get $6000 from the town of Southington, members should look into what the Bristol Chorale has to offer.

Lyle Ressler, Southington

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