Southington couple charged for abusing dogs

Lt. Steve Elliott, left, and animal control officer Joshua Karabin play with Sasha on Tuesday after police arrested her owners, Jason and Kelly Savage for abusing their animals. Two other dogs involved had to be euthanized because of their injuries. (Photo by John Goralski)



An unnamed family member of Kelly and Jason Savage was helping the couple move out on Feb. 21 when she discovered three dogs closed off in a basement bedroom of the residential raised ranch in uninhabitable conditions with trash and feces covering the floor.

The complaint reported the discovery to Southington Animal Control and officers responded quickly to the scene. By the time officers arrived, the complaint had taken the smallest dog, a Matisse named Riley, to another property owner. The two dogs remaining, Sheppard-Matisse mixes named Angel (9) and Sasha (7), were taken into custody at the Animal Control Office and provided with veterinarian care.

At a press conference, Southington Police Department publicity officer Steve Elliot reported all three dogs were found in poor health, flea infested and emanating an unhealthy odor. Angel was found to have cancerous tumors, skin irritations, long untreated nails, and was emaciated. Based on her condition, veterinarians recommended Angel be euthanized.

Treatment plans were arranged for Riley and Sasha, however Riley was not responding to treatment and was recommended to be euthanized on Feb. 23. Sasha responded well to treatment and will be up for adoption soon. She is currently still in Animal Control custody.

“Apparently the Savages were struggling with financial ability to provide veterinary care for the dogs,” Elliot said. “When questioned on if they sought outside help, they stated they did not.”

He said the most recent vet visit the Police Department could find documented was in 2010 for Angel, and the other two dogs have no record of vet visits under the Savage’s care.

Jason Savage

Kelly Savage

The Animal Control Officers reported the dogs had been eating out of a large plastic bin with food, but that the bin was high off the ground and the smaller dog, Riley, would not have been able to reach the food. Water was provided in a large kitchen pot.

The Savages were charged with cruelty to animals, no dog rabies vaccination, and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements. Both were processed and held on $5,000 bonds with a court date of April 10. They were arrested on April 9 at their residence via an arrest warrant, and were reportedly released on a Promise to Appear (PTA) and will have follow-up court dates.

Sasha has been living and receiving care at the Animal Control facility since February. Animal Control officer Josh Karabin said Sasha has “had some time to heal” and is doing well. He suggested she be adopted into a one-dog home.

“We hope we can find Sasha a nice home,” Elliot said, “a home she deserves.”

Interested adoptees can make an appointment at the facility by calling (860) 628-8053 and filling out an application.

Two dogs euthanized after suffering abuse from Southington couple

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