CyberKnights win the district title

Southington’s Team 195 robot gives a lift to Team 3146 during last weekend’s district event in Hartford. The CyberKnights won their fourth consecutive district title on Sunday.

Southington fans love the opening seconds as the Team 195 rocket stacks three cubes onto the scale in a well-choreographed dance. For CyberKnight fans, this is the easiest part of the competition. Nobody has to read a screen. Nobody has to touch a controller.

It’s robotics at its best.

“When a match begins there is a ‘15 second autonomous’ where the robots are moving in a pre-programmed fashion. They are not being driven by an operator,” CyberKnight mentors said after the Hartford district event last weekend.

The 15-second blitz was programmed by Southington High School student Chris Bonomi, and it’s one of the reasons that Team 195 cruised to a perfect 12-0 record during the qualifying rounds.

“Very few robots in the world can do this,” Southington mentors said in an email.

For the fourth year in a row, the CyberKnights won the district event.

The perfect record in the qualifying rounds allowed the locals to secure a top alliance during the playoffs on Sunday. Southington partnered with Team 177, Bobcat Robotics from South Windsor and their rookie partners, Team 7153, Aetos Dios from Manchester. The partnership proved unstoppable, and Southington secured another championship alliance.

“Teams 7153 and 195 have been working together this season helping these rookies get off the ground and now after district play is completed, these teams have achieved two blue banners together,” CyberKnight officials said in a press release.

With the completion of the Hartford event, district competition has come to a close. The CyberKnights are among 64 teams that have qualified for the New England Robotics Championship in Boston on this week. Southington is looking to win its fourth straight regional title.

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