Letter: Reader protests potential tax increase

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To the editor:

I’ve had enough. Don’t raise the taxes again this year. The school budget request ($96,816,329) means that we’re going up again.

Spend more and more money on education? What about the other thousands of people in town trying to make ends meet? Out of work, no raises for years, living on the same amount of money each month like retired people living on retirement checks or just social security.

Where do all these people keep getting more money for more and more taxes? There are a lot of older people living on one check per month. Some only get $1,200 per month, and they need a break.

Our schools are good. There is no damage to the town’s reputation. We all know that Southington is a good town. It can’t be always about the schools every year.

There are thousands of other people in town that need to live.

If you have a kid in school, start a school fund. If it won’t hurt you, put $25 per month into it. It will add up. Do a ton of fundraisers.

Don’t just keep going to the town with your hands out, asking for more and more money. Education is important, but so are all the other people living in town.

Some people say that Southington is so bad with education money that it isn’t a city of progress. Southington is a good town with good police, fire, medical, elected people, parks, sports fields, and schools.

Richard Casale, Southington

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