Letter: Reader is worried about offshore drilling

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To the editor:

Prior to the current administration, our country was making progress on environmental policy and working towards reducing our national footprint. Unfortunately, our environmental protections are in jeopardy as we watch the current administration’s complete lack of respect for the earth and failure to act on scientific findings that prove the impact that fossil fuels have on our planet.

The Trump administration plans to open 90 percent of the U.S. continental shelf to offshore drilling—which is not only reckless and dangerous, but also a step backward that would destroy progress we have already made.

We have the technology and the ability to get our power from renewable sources, so we should be investing in the future, instead of relying on a dying industry. We in Connecticut are in the position where we have an opportunity to incorporate renewable energy into our plan, and our administrators have the responsibility to develop an energy policy that focuses on the future of energy and strengthens our transition from fossil fuels. Not only will this be good for our planet, but also our economy—it creates local jobs in our state and eliminates the need to import fuel from other states or countries.

I recently attended the CT Go Green Rally, where we showed our support for an energy policy that serves the needs of the Connecticut people. While this rally was a powerful step in the right direction, the fight for renewable energy is not over. The people of Connecticut need to pay attention to the energy plans on a statewide and national level, and support the development of clean energy policies. Clean energy is good for the people, and allows independence from the price gouging practices of the utility companies that have maintained control over our resources for too long.

I urge the administration to listen to the needs of the Connecticut people and stand up to the Trump administration against detrimental energy policies. It is time we focus on our economy, our health, and our environment rather than the industries that are only worried about protecting their profits.

Jessica Gagnon, Southington

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