Letter: Reader concerned with location of marijuana dispensary

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To the editor:

I am deeply concerned with the special application that the Planning and Zoning Committee is considering for a marijuana dispensary at 995 Queen St.

At the most recent meeting, neighbors and other groups shared their approval and disapproval of the proposed establishment. The biggest concern is the inappropriateness of the location, at the corner of River Street and Queen Street. It is the entrance to a family-friendly residential neighborhood, steps away from the school bus stop, and at an already congested intersection.

The 2012 traffic study that was introduced at the meeting did not include all the recent construction of commercial businesses. The two driveways for this business are not on Queen Street. They are on River Street, only feet away from the traffic light.

Besides, it’s not fitting the demographics of the neighborhood. The building needs a high security system and a private security guard that should not be directly across the street to homes with children.

I understand the need for this kind of business, but there are plenty of other more appropriate locations that do not border a residential neighborhood—or better yet—the 10 minutes drive to Bristol.

Tracy Wales, Southington

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