Letter: Reader wants library renovation, not open space

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To the editor:

I understand that the Town Council is beginning the drafting of a $2 million open space referendum. I also understand that a possible referendum for library modernization and expansion is still on hold. While I support the environment, I feel that the town officials need to look harder at their priorities.

The library project has been talked about, and put off, for several years now. I know that money is tight, so it is all the more important to use town funds wisely.

The current library needs more space. Patrons with wheelchairs have difficulty moving around the stacks. There is only one antiquated elevator providing service from one floor to another. The meeting room is limited for activities. The bookstore volunteers are operating out of a maintenance room.

Proposing a band-aid approach of renovating the existing facility is a waste of time and money. It is not possible to “renovate” more space.

The modernization and expansion of the library would benefit town residents economically, culturally, aesthetically, and practically more than another empty lot.

Mary Ann Nessel, Southington

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