POP Squad leads to Southington arrest for soliciting a minor

Carl Bezo, 50, of Westfield, Mass. turned himself in to Southington police today after learning about an outstanding warrant involving his attempt to solicit a minor through an online dating site.

The warrant charges that Bezo met with what he believed to be a minor through on online dating site, but the minor was actually being portrayed by an adult from POP Squad (Prey on Predators), a local movement out of Connecticut that strives to help protect children from online predators both by catching these predators, and also raising community awareness around the issue in hopes of toughening laws and legislation.

According to police, Bezo was not aware that the person was actually an adult from POP Squad, and he continued to communicate with the person through the site and text messaging believing that they were a minor. Bezo and the minor agreed to meet up at a local store.

When Bezo showed up at the store he was met by POP Squad, and their interaction was recorded. The information that was turned over to police for use in the investigation included the chat logs and video between Bezo and the alleged minor.

Bezo was charged with criminal attempt to commit risk of injury to a minor. He was held on a $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Bristol Court today.


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