Kennedy announces November students of the month

Kennedy Middle School announced their November students of the month. Front, from left, Alexa Henderson, Brennen Sullivan, Zishan Ahmed, Danica Furst, Alisha Paul, and Ethan Germain. Back, asst. principal Susanne Vitcavage, Molly O’Keefe, Anthony Del Debbio, Pam Win, Alexis Strong, Jhalissa Vincent, Samantha Colwick, and principal Richard Terino.

John F. Kennedy Middle School in Plantsville recently announced the names of its November students of the month.  Teachers nominated these students based on their academic performance, exemplary citizenship, and/or participation in extracurricular activities.

Sixth grade students of the month are Zishan Ahmed, Danica Furst, Alexa Henderson, and Brennen Sullivan.  Zishan goes above and beyond in all areas, especially in his academic work.  He takes pride in doing well, participating in classroom discussions, and being willing to help others.  Zishan is an honor roll student and a member of MATHCOUNTS, the Ping Pong Club, the Writers Club, and the band where he plays clarinet.  His other interests include biking, reading, and playing basketball and table tennis.

Danica is the grade 6 Unified Arts student of the month.  A talented and dedicated young artist, she works hard and pushes herself to do her best.  She is also willing and eager to encourage her peers to achieve their success as well.  Danica is an honor roll student and a member of the chorus and the swing choir.  She plays premier soccer, volunteers with her Girl Scout troop, and enjoys snowboarding.

Alexa is a hardworking student who always does her best.  She is a pleasure to have in class, and gets along well with her peers.  Alexa is an honor roll student and a member of the Builders Club, the chorus, and Jr. Next Steps.  She plays town soccer, and takes hip-hop and tap dance lessons.  Away from school, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.  Alexa’s favorite thing about J.F.K. are the freedoms the school affords, classes that are spread throughout the school, and P.E. classes that meet more than once a week.

Brennen is a leader within the classroom.  Always prepared and eager to achieve academic success, he strives to improve himself and become the best he can be.  While doing this, he is always on the lookout for classmates who need a helping hand.  Brennen is an honor roll student who is a member of the Computer Coding Club, the Lego League, the Tinker CAD Club, and the percussion section of the band.  He participates in town karate and soccer, and in his free time he likes to go outside, read, play video games, design with Legos, and do 3D printing.

Seventh grade students of the month are Ethan Germain, Alisha Paul, Alexis Strong, and Pam Win.  Ethan is an enjoyable student who is very friendly both to peers and to staff.  Conscientious and reliable, he is an honor roll student and member of the Drawing Club, the soccer team, the Science Bowl, and the band where he plays the piano.  Ethan plays town soccer and is an altar server at his church.  Away from school, he likes to draw and play outside.

Alisha is the grade 7 World Language student of the month.  A delight to have in class, she is a role model to her classmates.  She always completes her assignments and homework and volunteers answers to all class questions.  Alisha is an honor roll student who is a member of the Builders Club, Con Brio, the Lego League, the Science Bowl, the Hive, the Writers Club, MATHCOUNTS, and the orchestra where she plays the violin.  She volunteers at her temple, and she likes taking lessons in Indian cultural dance, inventing things, playing sports with her dad, reading, and studying as outside interests.

Alexis possesses a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.  She also has a great ability to balance her extra-curricular work outside of school with her academic work.  Alexis is an honor roll student and a member of the Just Dance Performance Club, and the chorus.  She is a member of the Southington swim team, and she takes advanced jazz dance lessons.  Alexis also helps the Derynoski PTO at their Election Day bake sale.  Her interests extend to spending time with her family, playing with her dog, and drawing.

Pam is a motivated and hardworking student.  Conscientious and mature, she is focused on her work.  Pam is patient with herself, and she is an excellent example of an honest, positive, and determined student.  She is a member of the honor roll, Jr. Next Steps, and a volunteer in her classroom during SSR in organizing reading books.  Pam likes to read, swim, and be with friends when she is outside school.  In school there is a lot to enjoy, especially her teachers and her friends.

Eighth grade students of the month are Samantha Colwick, Anthony Del Debbio, Molly O’Keefe, and Jhalissa Vincent.  Sammy is an overall great girl who is a hard worker.  She always puts forth her best effort and by quietly leading by example, she is a role model for others.  An honor roll student and a member of the NJHS, she is on the cross country team and the Unified Theater, and sings alto in the chorus.  Sammy plays premier soccer, volunteers with her family at the Southington Food Pantry and sings carols at Mulberry Gardens.  She also enjoys hanging out with her friends.

Anthony is the eighth grade Unified Arts student of the month.  An all-around good student, he is friendly and always on task.  He is on the honor roll, a member of the Bowling Club, and a wrestler at the SHS club.  In addition to being a helper at his church and a year round wrestler, Anthony’s hobbies include archery, fishing, outdoor sports, and lots of time with friends.

Molly demonstrates a strong work ethic, a dedication to her studies, and a high level of self-advocacy skills.  She always goes above and beyond in her assignments to ensure she is producing quality work.  Molly is an honor roll student and a member of the yearbook and the NJHS.  She does gymnastics and volunteers to collect donations for Community Services and works at the Soup Kitchen.  In her free time she likes to bake, get together with friends, and attend gymnastics meets.

Jhalissa is an independent learner, a self-starter with an inquisitive mind.  Mature and responsible, she is also respectful of all with whom she works.  An honor roll student, she is a member of the Drama Club, the swing choir, the Regionals, the Newspaper Club, the Unified Theater, the Writer’s Club, and the chorus where she is a mezza soprano.  Jhalissa plays town basketball, tutors, and enjoys dancing and playing the piano.

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