DelSanto re-elected as PZC chair; commission addresses West St. plan

PZC chair Mike DelSanto (R)



The Planning and Zoning Commission held their first post-election meeting on Nov. 21 at the Municipal Center, with all members present.

Interim Town Manager, Mark Sciota, acting as clerk, called for nominations for chair. Paul Chaplinsky Jr. nominated Michael DelSanto, who has served as a commissioner since 2001.

“Mike has made economic development the cornerstone of his leadership style while carefully insuring we are proactive in planning for the preservation of the future of our town,” said Chaplinsky. “He is extremely passionate and loyal to the town of Southington.”

James Morelli seconded Chaplinsky’s motion, and it passed 7-0 on a roll call vote. DelSanto said he will continue to work tirelessly and hard for what is in the best interest of the town.

PZC vice chair Paul Chaplinsky (R)

For vice chair, Robert Hammersley nominated Chaplinsky, who has served on PZC since 2008.

“Paul is passionate about setting strategy for the town of Southington and balancing economic development with open space availability for the community,” said Hammersley.

Morelli seconded, and the motion passed 7-0 on a roll call vote.

For secretary, Chaplinsky nominated Jennifer Clock. “Jen has had a strong collaboration with our community as well as professionals on other town boards,” said Chaplinsky. Clock has served as a commissioner for five years.

Hammersley seconded and the motion passed 7-0 on a roll call vote.

The three mentioned elected officials most recently served in the same positions prior to the Nov. 7 municipal elections.

Two alternates were appointed at the meeting: Joe Coviello for a two-year term, and Peter Santago for a four-year term.

DelSanto congratulated all members. “The team is back,” he said, “and we are ready to work hard for the next two and four years respectively.”

No other votes were taken at the meeting, but Chaplinsky brought up the long-term development issues on West Street based on the 2011 West Street corridor land use study and the town’s 2016 plan of conservation and development. Chaplinsky said that the PZC is still trying to get face time with the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

“Our local senators and representatives made presentations to the DOT, and we’re starting to get a little bit of notice by some of the folks there that we may be in a position to get some activity going with doing a Corridor Study and planning for the traffic situation we have already and in the future,” Chaplinsky said in the minutes.

Hammersley proposed developing a resolution “that will lend itself to us going to the DOT and trying to get them to take seriously looking at that corridor.” His proposal was met with universal support by board members.

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