Southington Sports Hall of Fame inducts the Class of 2017

Former Blue Knight football coach Jude Kelly, who still coaches Southington players at St. Paul Catholic High School, is greeted by emcee Mike Prairie, a former assistant coach, at the Southington Sports Hall of Fame induction last night at the Aqua Turf. (Photo by John Goralski)

Hundreds flocked to the Aqua Turf last night for the induction of eight athletes, one coach, one booster, and two teams into the Southington Sports Hall of Fame. Emcee Mike Prairie, along with the help of Mazzarella Media put on a show for this class of inductees.

Since 2010, the hall of fame has recognized 123 Southington athletes, coaches, boosters, teams, media members, and fans with inductions into the sports hall of fame.

This year’s honored athletes were  Henry Cence, Sal Conti, Cherraine Davis, Leslie Dunn-Carlson, Colleen Klopp-McCaughey, Gerry LaMontagne, Yvette Mirando-Sima, and Mark Sobolewski. Former SHS coach Jude Kelly and Southington athlete and booster Mat Florian were inducted, along with the 1957 Southington High School football team and the 1969 Southington Little League team.


Read more about the inductees below:

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Hall of Fame-Southington’s boys of summer: The 1969 Little League all-stars raised the bar for youth sports


Hall of Fame: Good things come in small packages; The 1957 SHS football team proved that quality is better than quantity


Hall of Fame–In the trenches: Gerry LaMontagne anchored the line at Southington High School and Dartmouth


Hall of Fame–Some guys get all the ‘breaks’: Trick shot artist Sal ‘Cool Cat’ Conti is still leaving his mark on billiards


Hall of Fame–The ‘shot’ heard ‘round the world: Cherraine Davis was on the fast track to the Olympic Games


Hall of Fame–Speak softly, and carry a big bat: Mark Sobolewski was a clutch hitter every level from high school to the Olympics and minor leagues


Hall of Fame–Hey, Jude! From the wishbone to the air raid attack, Jude Kelly can simplify complex schemes


Hall of Fame – The Medalist: Yvette Mirando turned a state championship into a dynasty


Hall of Fame–Speak softly and carry a big stick: Leslie Dunn-Carlson overcame shyness to lead the Knights to a softball title


Hall of Fame–A coach’s dream: Mat Florian donates his services, his time, his money, and himself


Hall of Fame – Kool as a Kucumber: Colleen Klopp-McCaughey built programs with poise


Hall of Fame–Scoring is just common ‘Cence’: When ranking smart soccer players, Henry Cence was valedictorian


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