Letter: Reader thought Columbus protesters were disrespectful

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To the editor:

I read with interest the comments of the organizer of the protest at the Columbus monument dedication in Southington. She was quoted as saying people were silent, people were respectful, and didn’t interrup the dedication in any way.

She was partially right. They were silent, alright, but they were far from being respectful. When the two keynote speakers and others were trying to make their presentations, you have these people directly facing them flashing these signs. That had to be very distracting and disprespectful.

During the playing of one of the patriotic soongs, they didn’t have the courtesy to put down their signs and respect the very thing that makes it possible for them to demonstrate. that was disrespectful.

When the dedication went outside, the protesters crowded around the monument without allowing the supporters to take a picture without them and their signs being in it. That ws disrespectful of the rights of others.

Finally, when one of the demonstrators was displaying the american flag upside down, that was extremely disrespectful.

I am suprised that the organizer allowed that, for it had nothing to do with Columbus or the dedication. It was just a blatant display of disrespect for our flag and our country.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Joseph J. LaPorte, Southington

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