Election: Unpublished letters to the editor

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Reader supports Poulos for council

To the Editor:

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Christopher Poulos three years ago when I participated in the Connecticut Teacher of the Year program. Previously to meeting Chris at that time, I had the pleasure of knowing and working with many members of his family and extended family who are/were dedicated educators in the Southington Public School system.

What I most appreciate about Chris is his ability to listen and hear what you are sharing or asking him to do. Many of us listen, but we do not really hear what is being said. Chris listens to what we say, then he takes action. He is a true leader, an outstanding organizer, a hard worker behind the scenes to make sure things get done well and in a timely fashion.

His track record speaks for itself. He was invited by the Commissioner of Education to serve as a Teacher-Leader in Residence at the CT State Department of Education, has advised policymakers on the local, state, and federal levels on numerous education initiatives.  As a teacher,  he has facilitated professional learning for colleagues, led grant-writing initiatives, mentored beginning teachers, and has served on the executive board of his local association.           Chris is an excellent choice to be a leading member of the Southington Town Council.

Sincerely, Linda Bass Reilly

Reader supports Perry for council

To the editor:

Our family has been residents of Southington for the past 10 years. We chose this town for the great schools, wonderful parks and cozy small town feel. Since living here we have enjoyed getting to know our town, making new friends while raising our family. Last year, we met Mr. Jack Perry. He is a wonderful man with drive, heart, a zest for life and a strong sense of community…a man who I have witnessed numerous times volunteering to help charities, immediately stepping up to help anyone that needs a hand, regularly attending town meetings, all while running a business he started.

When Mr. Perry realized our town needed positive changes while attending these meetings, he didn’t pass the buck, he took charge. He wants his town, our town, to be the wonderful place I knew it to be when I chose it 10 years ago. Many of us want things to change, we talk about change, but we lack what it takes to do anything to bring that change about.  Mr. Jack Perry is doing something about it. That is why I am voting for Jack Perry for Town Council. He truly is about people. People before politics. I know this to be true because I have seen it in his personal life. People are important to Jack. He cares. That is what I want in politics. A politician who truly cares about all of the people.

Please consider Jack Perry for Southington Town Council.

Thank you.

Melanie Torres, Southington


Reader supports Dems on the ticket

To the editor:

I have been privileged to help in small ways in the campaign for Southington Democrats.  I’d just like to say how very, very impressed I am with the high level of commitment and caring I see in these candidates.  I have gotten to know some of the newcomers to the ballot: Chris Poulos, Jennifer Miccaci, Dagmara Scalise andLisa Cammuso.  They are absolutely dedicated to doing what’s best for our town and our schools.  I can’t imagine any of them taking “shortcuts” in the hiring process or procrastinating on setting up ethics rules, for example.

Please vote Row A and bring PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST back in Southington’s government.​

Thank you.

Shari Guarino, Southington

Reader supports Dems on the ticket

To the editor:

I’ve been privileged to serve Southington for the last 17 years on various commissions and have been fortunate to work with an excellent group of people. This year’s new candidates for Council, Carolyn Futtner, Kelly Morrissey and Chris Poulos are some of the finest candidates I’ve seen. Each of them have approach the issues with an open mind, do their research, ask the hard questions and keep the whole community in mind. United with Chris Palmieri, Dawn Miceli and John Barry, Southington could not be in better hands as it tackles the challenges ahead. Please vote Row A this November

James Sinclair, Southington


Reader supports Dems on the ticket

To the editor:

I have been involved with the Southington democratic party since 2011, and I don’t think I have ever been as proud as I am this year to cast my vote for our slate of candidates, especially our tremendous group running for Town Council. These are extremely honest, reliable, and motivated people, ready to progress our town forward.

I hope you will join me and many others, in helping to elect our team, and usher in a new era of leadership for Southington.

Ryan Rogers, Southington


Reader supports Poulos for council

To the editor:

I am supporting Christopher Poulos as a Democratic candidate for Southington Town Council.

Chris has a deep commitment to his community and its residents. As a leader, Chris generates original ideas, yet is a strong listener. He builds consensus through thoughtful, transparent conversation with all participants. Chris has the diplomacy and tenacity to guide others in the discourse necessary to embrace a shared vision for Southington.

I have been Chris Poulos’s colleague and, most often, witness to the sizable and positive impact he has had on education policy and its implementation in CT and nationwide. During the recession of 2008, Chris conceived of and created the CT Teacher of the Year Council. With no state funds available to honor educators for their service, Chris saw a need and acted. His inclusive leadership style encouraged all members to be valued contributors. The council is now a national model, and, under Chris’s leadership as president, a shining example of responsible fiscal and civic action brought to life through integrity and foresight.

As a member of the Southington Town Council, Christopher Poulos will honor the needs of stakeholders—in this case, the citizens of Southington—and collectively build and implement a shared vision through open dialogue, mutual respect and integrity.

Chris is a leader who believes that consensus and true progress are always possible for Southington. I believe he is a candidate who will achieve just that.


Joan Hurley, Southington




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