Setting the record straight on the ‘2017 Official Town of Southington Election Guide’

It has been brought to our attention that some of our readers were confused about a paid insert in this week’s Observer, the “2017 Official Town of Southington Election Guide.”

The insert has the Town of Southington logo printed prominently on the front page, but there is no indication that it was paid for by the Southington Republican Town Committee except at the bottom of the first page.

This is not an official Town of Southington guide. It is the official guide of the Southington Republican Town Committee. This insert was not printed by the Observer. It was not produced by the Observer, and it is not an endorsement by the Observer for any candidate or party in the upcoming election because it is our policy not to endorse candidates.

We vehemently defend everybody’s first amendment right to free speech. The Southington Republican Town Committee has a right to its opinions and has the right to distribute that opinion as a publication, but we feel that the publication should have been clear about its author.

The page, titled “Letters to the Editor,” follows the Observer’s style, including our headlines, but it does not have a disclaimer on the page that it is a paid advertisement. The editor of the Observer did not receive these letters nor did we have any role in publishing these letters.

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