Letter: Reader supports Poulos for council

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To the editor:

I believe Christopher Poulos is a stand out—a highly qualified leader committed to the Southington community. I have known him for the past 25 years as a neighbor and a friend. I am confident he will serve our town well as a Southington Town Councilor.

Poulos is passionate about community involvement—particularly his hometown of Southington where he is involved with his children’s schools and his church. He is energetic and smart. Speak with him, and you hear a down-to-earth communicator. He listens and takes action. Poulos has a track record that shows that when he sees a problem, issue, or need, he acts on it. Whether it is involvement with his 1993 classmates or new ideas in education in his school community or at the state level, Poulos commits. He will represent the entire Southington community—from Southington youth—to small businesses—to seniors.

Poulos has accomplished a lot during the past 25 years. He served as president of Southington High School Class of 1993 and went on to the University of Richmond where he majored in leadership studies with a double minor in Spanish and business administration. His undergraduate work focused on leadership in community and volunteer organizations. After he graduated college, he signed up for the U.S. Peace Corps in Honduras, Central America where he furthered his leadership skills and had hands on experience with the Spanish language and culture.

After this life-changing experience, Poulos completed the needed studies to become a certified Spanish teacher. He was named Connecticut Teacher of the Year in 2007, providing him the opportunity to serve as teacher ambassador for public education. His accomplishments and initiative in the field of education make him a star. Poulos, a Spanish teacher at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, is also an adjunct professor at Fairfield University.

Please seriously consider Poulos for Southington Town Council. I fully endorse him. Make sure to vote in November.

Jan Galati, Southington

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