Letter: Reader supports Palmieri for council

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To the editor:

Christopher Palmieri has demonstrated his commitment to the people in Southington, whether by shaping the lives of kids in school or fighting for the needs of seniors in town. No cause is too big; none too small. If Palmieri believes in it, he will fight for it, even if it means standing alone on issues. If he gives you his word, don’t expect it to change. He is a man of principal and integrity.

Palmieri works tirelessly and gives much of his own time to benefit many of us in town. Yet, even with everything he is involved in, he takes each responsibility and commitment seriously and is always prepared for his role. You can count on his decisions being well-thought out and researched. Even when matters get heated and contentious, Palmieri retains his cool and respect for others.

In spite of always receiving the highest votes, Palmieri remains humble and unassuming. He is not into grand-standing. That is not his style, never has been and not what he is about. He is about getting the job done and always striving to make Southington a better place to live and work.

Please support me in voting for Palmieri for the Town Council. We need more of his leading our town.

Christine Shanley-Buck, Plantsville

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