Letter: Reader supports Morrissey for council

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To the editor:

As a resident of Southington and colleague and friend of Kelly Morrissey, I wanted to publicly urge voters to cast their ballot for her. Morrissey has worked tirelessly over the past few months to meet the constituents of Southington and understand the concerns and needs of this town. She is the perfect candidate to help address the issues and make Southington a better place.

As a working mother of two children under 6, she recognizes the importance of a strong school system that delivers the highest quality of education for our children. She is committed to ensuring tax dollars are properly spent to manage costs without reducing quality. A former member of the DEA, Morrissey feels the safety and security of the community must always come first, and she pledges to ensure the police and fire departments are responsibly funded.

Finally, Morrissey recognizes that maintaining appropriate greenspace in Southington is imperative, and thus she will ensure that future economic development is strategic in order to continue economic and tax base growth.

Morrissey will be a dedicated member of the Town Council who will take her responsibility to speak for the citizens very seriously. She will listen to the concerns and use her strong voice to enact change. For these reasons, I strongly urge fellow residents to cast their vote for her on Election Day.

Amanda Lockwood, Southington

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