Knitwits knitting group supports breast cancer survivors

Members and supporters gather at a harvest tea fundraiser at Plantsville Congregational Church that raised $1,500 for the Knitted Knocker mission. (Photo by Liz Douglas)



The Knitwits of Plantsville Congregational United Church of Christ surpassed their goals and rose over $1,500 to support the Knitted Knocker mission with a harvest tea fundraising event last weekend at the church.

About a year ago, the Knitwits partnered with the Bellingham, Wash. based Knitted Knockers nonprofit organization. Knitted Knockers are handmade alternatives to prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. The Knitwits are connected with Connecticut women in need through the organization. They also provide the knockers to local individuals who contact them directly at the church.

“The traditional prosthetics—we call them ‘chicken cutlets’—they’re rubber, they’re heavy, itchy, hot and uncomfortable for women,” said Barbara Dooley, chairwoman of Knitwits. “With this knitted alternative, you almost can’t even feel them.”

The next goal of the Knitwits is to make enough Knitted Knockers to supply them directly to hospitals, offering women a free, immediate option after going through a mastectomy, lumpectomy or radiation.

Dooley read a thank-you note she had received from a Knocker recipient. The woman was so grateful for her gift after receiving a double mastectomy that she told Dooley she was going to start her own knitting group at her church.

“These Knitted Knockers can make breast cancer survivors feel like a woman again,” said Dooley. “Most of them want to hide away, or just feel down after a mastectomy. This gives them an option.”

The Knockers are knitted, stuffed, and sent off with care by about 28 helpers altogether. Because of great response, the Harvest Tea fundraising event will become an annual event.

To get your own Knitted Knockers or to become involved with Knitwits, reach them directly at the church at or call (860) 628-5595.

For more information about the nonprofit organization Knitted Knockers Support Foundation, visit   

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