Letter: Southington Community Services thanks Archbishop of Hartford

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To the editor:

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, Southington Community Services received a check in the amount of $5,270 from the Archbishop’s annual appeal through its Vicariate Outreach Program.

The funding will help Southington Community Services to continue its mission, which is “to assist and empower Southington residents.”

We will use these funds to purchase food for the food pantry, energy, medical needs, housing needs, and emergency needs. We are now distributing over half a million meals every year to Southington residents.

We, and the families less fortunate in town, are grateful to the Archbishop of Hartford annual appeal fund.

Since 1981, the Archbishop annual appeal has been able to assist tens of thousands of people, regardless of race, religion, or color, across the Archdiocese of Hartford, with healthcare, education, housing, emergency expenses, and in numerous other areas. It is through the Archbishop’s annual appeal Vicariate Outreach Program and the generosity of its donors that the appeal is able to assist a wide array of community-based charities throughout Hartford, New Haven, and Litchfield counties.

Janet Melon, Southington Community Services director

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