Letter: Reader supports Perry for council

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To the editor:

I am a lifelong resident of Southington and registered as an unaffiliated voted. I am writing to support of unaffiliated Southington Town Council candidate Jack Perry.

As an entrepreneur who built his small business, HQ Dumpsters, from the ground up here in town, Perry has the know-how, the drive, and the unique experience to be a leader of the people of Southington. As a lifelong resident, he will fight to advocate for our interest to endure that the town is steered in the right direction.

Perry is running on the idea that we need to put politics aside, and get to work on achieving what is best for Southington. I share in his values on holding the line on taxes, attracting new businesses to town, keeping children and families safe, and working on a cohesive and sensible budget that aims toward the future, among many other things. He has the passion, judgment and leadership that we need in a town councilor.

I ask voters to join me and vote for Perry for Town Council on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Robert Kay, Southington

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