Letter: Reader supports Chris Poulos for council


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To the editor:

I am proudly supporting Chris Poulos as a Democratic candidate for Southington Town Council.

I have known him for over 30 years. We have worked and volunteered together, and I have witnessed him fight hard to represent students and families as a leader in public education and in our community.

As both a parent and educator, I know Poulos understands and can manage the challenging balance between providing a great education for our children, and doing so in a way that is affordable.

With retired family and friends living in town, I know he will represent the needs of our seniors and ensure they are able to maintain the quality of life that they deserve.

I strongly feel he will work hard to support our local businesses, as he advocates for continued growth in our community and the preservation of Southington’s hometown feel.

As a Republican who cares deeply about our town, I know that Chris will serve Southington’s interests well as a Town Councilor. Regardless of the challenging issues that we face or party affiliation, Poulos will lead in a fiscally responsible manner, with integrity, values, and concern for all members of our community.

Join me in voting Chris Poulos for Southington Town Council on Nov. 7.

Lynn Potamis, Southington

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