Letter: Reader endorses Robert Hammersley

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To the editor:

As an unaffiliated lifetime resident of Southington, it is with great enthusiasm that I write to you and ask that you join me in supporting Robert Hammersley for Southington’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

I believe Hammersley’s background and vast experience has prepared him to be the perfect contribution to our town, allowing him to offer a fresh and energetic perspective to Southington’s PZC. He’s been committed to public service most of his life, and deeply respects the effort required to ensure planning goals are realized, and always works diligently to achieve those goals.

I know confidently that he will bring a voice to the board that balances the need for sensible economic development with the preservation of Southington’s historic personality; doing his best to facilitate what is needed for our local businesses, our government, and most importantly our residents.

On a personal note, I can strongly attest to the fact that Hammersly always acts with integrity, humility, and thoughtfulness, and rarely without a splash of humor. He will never make an empty promise and he always has a solid plan. He’s an out-of-the-box, creative thinker and works with his resources to make sure things happen. And I’ve personally seen him will things to fruition, that most deemed impossible.

If you need something done, he’s your guy. So with that, I kindly ask you to please join me in endorsing Hammersley for Southington’s PZC.

Crystal Grim, Southington

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