Woman arrested for false statement in road rage incident

Cheryl Lindsay

Cheryl Lindsay, 55, of Southington was apprehended by police at a motor vehicle stop on Monday, Sept. 25, at approximately 3:45 p.m., and arrested for her involvement in a road rage incident on Sept. 2.

The warrant alleges that on Lindsay was operating her vehicle on N. Main Street on Sept. 2 when she observed the victim drive past her in the opposite direction. Lindsay turned her vehicle around and chased the victim’s vehicle as it turned onto Lazy Lane in Southington. During the chase, Lindsay allegedly crossed the double yellow lines on Lazy Lane and narrowly escaped a head-on collision while passing the victim’s car.

The victim pulled into the Southington Police Department headquarters to report the incident, and approximately six minutes later, Lindsay called 911 to report the incident. In Lindsay’s report, she stated that the victim was actually following her, was harassing her, and almost hit her vehicle while illegally passing her. Lindsay volunteered two voluntary false sworn and signed statement detailing the incident.

The investigator was able to pull video from different businesses along the route to disprove Lindsay’s claims.

Lindsay was charged with second degree stalking, unsafe passing, reckless driving, misuse of emergency 911, second degree false reporting of an incident, and second degree false statement. She posted a $10,000 bond with a Sept. 26 court date in Bristol.

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