Letter: Reader supports Sciota for Manager

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To the editor:

Why does Southington have the need to do a national search for our next Town Manager while wasting time and taxpayers’ dollars, which could be used in other areas?

Here’s a thought, how about we make a nice, generous donation to the devastated victims of Hurricane Harvey instead and show that we are available to help them get back on their feet?

We already have a highly qualified candidate, our Town Attorney and Deputy Town Manager Mark Sciota. He has proven his worth when he just narrowly missed the last appointment to Garry Brumback seven years ago.

Working side-by-side with Brumback all these years, he is that much more “seasoned” and knows the job way better than any outside candidate that might be interviewed. Also, not to mention the seamless transition it would be for the town, with little to no expense or upheaval, in town hall would certainly be an added plus.

To quote Brumback, “This community deserves somebody focused on just them.”

I say what better person for the job than our very own “hometown boy,” born and raised here, who would actually have Southington’s best interest at heart.

After all, we know he’s not going anywhere in a few years with all his ties to the community, so let’s keep it local.

Fran Grigerek, Southington

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