Letter: Reader supports Hammersley for PZC

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To the editor:

I am a registered Democrat and Southington resident. My husband and I moved to Southington several years ago because we fell in love with the town and wanted to raise our family here.

I am writing to support Bob Hammersley for the Planning and Zoning Commission this upcoming election. Bob is a friend that I know shares the same values that I have: maintaining a low mill rate by promoting economic development and growth in Southington’s tax base; and maintaining quality of life and strong property values is both important and vital.

As Planning and Zoning commissioner, Bob has worked to balance the needs of our community, our businesses, and industry. Bob also has a vision for the future that builds on what we already have and provides for the diversity needed to make Southington a successful community going forward.

I ask voters to join me and vote for Bob Hammersley for Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 7.

Alison Newman Fisher, Southington

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