SHS marching band: When one door opens

On Friday, Sept. 8, the Southington High School marching band treated fans to a sneak preview of this year’s show, “When one door opens.”



Southington High School’s award-winning competitive marching band is back in action in the new school year, ready and excited for what is to come. The band invited any and all to their first event of the year, preview night, on Friday at their home field.

Fans packed the bleachers in anxious anticipation for the show to begin.

“Their potential this year is so big, it’s really incredible,” said Band Backers president Dave Pestillo.

Since before the school year started, musicians have been practicing every day. The drum line began practicing as early as April, and the color guard practices year-round.

Publicity spokesperson Michelle Costello pointed out what to look out for this year from the band. The props are a big part of the overall theme: “When one door opens.” They will be using actual doors as props in the performance.

“Be on the lookout for the true meaning behind the shows,” said Costello. “Theatrics are big this year.”

Music director Sara Ossias said that she is excited to be back at it again with the band. “There will be some huge impact moments as they get more comfortable,” she said. “We’re going to be a powerhouse by the end of the year.”

The performance was action-packed and invigorating. As Costello said, “This preview will really show the community how much work these students put into what they do.”

Hundreds of supporters stuffed into the stands. Those who couldn’t find space in the bleachers lined up along the fence.

“For us to be this full just for a preview show is absolutely incredible,” said Pestillo. “We have so much support from the town, and we’re so grateful for that.”

After the show, band council president Joey Martin said that he was proud of the team.

“The bonds between everyone in the band are so strong,” he said. “We have so much potential this year. Everyone has a hard-working attitude and strong motivation.”

Drum major Maddie Chasse was on the same page. “We’re always getting stronger,” she said. “We add so much every rehearsal; we just keep going up and up.”

Chasse added that the overwhelming support from family and friends is vital, always pushing them to be even better than they are.

Another drum major, Keegan Smith, reported the band is “in exactly the best place we can be right now. We put our foot in the door last year, and we have the opportunity to push it all the way open now.”

“We have the best supporters in the world,” added Smith, particularly giving a shout out to parents Kelly and Scott.

The band’s first competition will be on Friday, Sep. 16 at Maloney High School in Meriden at 7:45 p.m. See their official website,, for a full calendar of competitions for the year.

Also upcoming is the band’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Music of the Knight, Oct. 21. Up to 25 competitive bands, some from out of state, will attend.

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