Letter: Reader comments on Town Manager selection process

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To the editor:

Being part of the previous Town Manager selection process, I would like to express some observations: Ed Pocock, then Chairman of the Town Council requested two things. First, the entire Town Council take part in the selection process, and second, there will be an open and transparent process.

As far as the Democrats on the Town Council, including John Barry, Dawn Micelli , Chris Palmieri and I, there was no arguing those two points. To this day, I thank Ed Pocock III for those two requirements. At that time, we were also given the opportunity to vote for anyone that we felt would be the correct choice for the town. All four Democrats voted for Mark Sciota.

What happened seven years later? We do not have an open process with this important choice, and there is no encouragement for the entire Town Council to keep involved in the process. What we are hearing today is FOI complaints, closed door meetings, changing meeting dates, and questionable phone calls.

Who is being hurt by this process? First and foremost, Mark Sciota. He is being chosen without any interviews and without him being able to tout his accomplishments and future aspirations for the town that he loves.

The residents of Southington are also being hurt because they are not being told about the future of our town by anyone and also, Gary Brumback who is retiring under this black cloud.

The entire Town Council did not even discuss any possible reorganization plans for the administration. The majority just wants to slide Mark into a position without any plans for a Deputy Manager, if needed, and a new Town Attorney as well.

I realize John Barry, Chris Palmieri, Cheryl Lounsbury and Ed Pocock III are in the minority with this issue, but I want to thank them for looking out for the Town of Southington and also trying give Mark Sciota his right to “brag” about his long history in Southington. Hopefully, the entire Town Council could get behind this concept.

It is not about choosing or not choosing Mark, it is about an open and thorough process in the selection of the CEO of Southington.

Tony D’Angelo, Plantsville

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