Candidate Perry questions AHF vendor process



The Independent candidate running in the municipal elections for a seat in Southington’s Town Council, Jack Perry, took the floor during the Tuesday, Aug. 21 Town Council meeting to address the council on personal concerns regarding the upcoming Apple Harvest Festival.

Perry, owner of HQ Dumpsters & Recycling, LLC, said he believed he is being met with resistance and unfair treatment from the council.

At the Apple Harvest Festival, the Democrats and the Republicans of Southington are given booths for their campaigns at the nonprofit organization price of $750. Other organizations pay a price of $2,500 for their booths.

Perry submitted his application for a $750 campaign booth. He said that a neutral third party told him there was a delay in his application’s processing. When his submission was finally processed, he was told there were no booths left. Perry was then told by the finance department that he could purchase a booth at the $2,500 price, which he did.

When Perry argued this at the Festival Committee meeting, his application was pushed to the top of the waiting list. Perry said there were six others on the waiting list. All of them were processed before his, he said.

During the meeting, Town Attorney Mark Sciota reassured Perry that his application was processed in a timely manner.

Perry expressed concern of conflict to Sciota, claiming he requested that Councilman Paul Champagne not handle his application. Perry and Champagne are running against each other in the municipal elections, and Paul’s brother, James Champagne, is the Festival Coordinator.

“It’s not a dollar amount at this point in time. I feel like I’m being censored from the Southington people,” said Perry in his address. “I don’t think the parties are working together. I think it’s broken.”

Council chair Michael Riccio told Perry this was not the time or place to debate the matter.

Sciota told Perry that the situation was being researched and that a presentation of the facts would be put together and shown to Perry in the next Apple Harvest Festival Committee meeting Thursday at 6 p.m.

“We are committed to making this right, and we are going to go through everything,” said Sciota.

The presentation will cover all emails, documentations and transactions made during the process of Perry’s application process, Sciota said. Perry will be able to debate freely at that time.

Jack Perry announced his candidacy for an independent seat on the Southington Town Council.

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