Former ZBA chair dies at 66

Doug Hageman



Douglas Hageman, a longtime Southington resident and local official, died on the morning of July 28 at age 66. Hageman lived in town for over four decades and was active in the community through many facets.

He was a former member of the Republican State Central Committee, the Connecticut Regional Planning Board (which has since dissolved and is run under the Capital Regional Council of Governments) and a board chairman for the Southington Chamber of Commerce. Hageman was also a former Zoning Board of Appeals chair and was on the ZBA throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Hageman was also a 32nd Degree Mason, a member of Friendship Lodge in Southington, and a member of the Elks Lodge.

Observer editions editor Mike Chaiken, who covered Southington during Hageman’s tenure, called the politician his “eyes and ears” of the town.

“Hageman was a bit of a gad fly, but he always had the best interest of Southington at heart,” Chaiken said. “As Queen Street built up, he made sure that from the vantage of the ZBA, Southington would avoid looking like Disneyland.”

Though Hageman was a staunch Republican, he didn’t let party affiliation interrupt a longstanding friendship with former Democratic town councilor Art Secondo.

“We never put that in the middle of things,” said Secondo, who last saw Hageman when they went out for coffee two weeks ago. He said that Hageman even helped promote him for his last two council terms.

“Doug was well-versed in government,” Secondo said. “He really cared about Southington and knew what went on behind the scenes.”

A memorial service was held on Tuesday Aug. 8 at Bethany Covenant Church. Memorial donations may be made to Bethany Covenant Church to support Camperships, 785 Mill St., Berlin, CT 06037.


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