Letter: Reader is a big fan of Race4Chase

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To the editor:

The Race4Chase is an incredible experience for young children.

Last year, I sponsored John Myers, Executive Director of the Southington YMCA, in his fundraiser to support Race4Chase. I read up on it before I did.

I thought it was a great cause to sponsor young kids to learn how to swim, bike, and run. Little did I know how monumental this event was until I attended Camp Sloper last summer to watch the races. I planned on watching the opening ceremonies and just could not leave.

Four hours later, I was still in complete awe. I cheered on kids of all ages. “Go! Go! Go!” I yelled, screamed, and clapped as every kid crossed the finish line.

The huge crowd roared. The kids were so determined to finish the race. The smiles on their faces when they finished and won their Race4Chase medals was priceless.

I had no doubt in my mind to sponsor the event again this year. It is truly a blessing to be able to give back to this great community, words of wisdom that my late Dad impressed on me: “Give what you can. You will sleep well at night, and your heart will know great happiness.”

Recently, I was a guest to watch 31 kids in training. Their determination and spirit of team work…well, you just had to be there to feel the excitement.

Richard Gribinas, Southington

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