Letter: STEPS thanks community for PROMise success

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To the editor:

It is with great pride that we would like to thank the Southington community for PROMising to keep the young people in our community safe during prom season. Many citizens, from all sectors of the community, came together to take the ‘PROMise’—pledging they would not provide underage youth with any liquor or substances on prom night.

Parents held no tolerance parties and local businesses, hotels and package stores PROMised to help keep our prom goers safe.

A special thank you to Homewood Suites and The Residence Inn, both on West Street, where measures were taken to ensure staff knew about prom night and to be vigilant for underage parties.

In addition, thank you to the Aqua Turf, where we lined the entrance with reminders of the ‘PROMise’ for the youth attendees.

It is with the help of the community that we are able to provide a safety net for our young people to help them make safe, substance-free decisions. Here in Southington, we make substance abuse prevention a priority.

Many thanks,

Southington youth prevention coordinator Kelly Leppard, STEPS administrative assistant Megan Albanese, and the Southington STEPS Coalition

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